54 African ministers to convene in İstanbul

More than 50 African ministers will arrive in İstanbul mid-December to participate in an initiative to further improve ties between their countries and Turkey in a follow-up to a similar summit in 2008.


Foreign Ministry sources announced that 54 African ministers and important African institutions will be participating in the Africa-Turkey Partnership Ministerial Review Conference in İstanbul. During this meeting Turkey hopes to demonstrate its commitment to establishing institutional mechanisms to further enhance its relationship with the nations of Africa and show that its interest in the African continent is genuine and long-term.

Following the 2008 summit, Turkey and participating African nations had made commitments to hold a review meeting, which will be realized by this İstanbul meeting which is expected to host representatives from 54 countries of the African Union. Attendees will include at least 30 foreign ministers from African countries, Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union Jean Ping, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary-General Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, representatives from the African Union’s political and military institutions and various UN officials. Ministers attending the İstanbul meeting will review what has been done since 2008 and also plan for future cooperation.

The meeting will coincide with a trade summit organized by the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) aimed at bringing together African and Turkish businesspeople.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has invited the African ministers his hometown of Konya in central Anatolia. Davutoğlu and his guests are expected to travel to Konya on Dec. 17. The next Turkey-Africa cooperation summit has been slated for 2013 in Africa.

The Turkish prime minister and president have visited to key African countries and Turkey has acted as a voice for Africa on international platforms such as the G20.

Many small and medium-sized Turkish organizations, most of them TUSKON members, have established business interests throughout the African continent. Responding to increased demand, Turkish Airlines (THY) has expanded its direct flights to Africa, successfully positioning İstanbul as a hub for Africa-bound flights from all around the world.






05 December 2011, Monday / SERVET YANATMA, ANKARA