700 foreign firms arrive in Turkey for TUSKON summit

TUSKON Chairman Rızanur Meral earlier told Cihan news agency this decision was made on the basis of feedback they received from past participants.

Representatives of 700 businesses from different parts of the world arrived in İstanbul on Monday to participate in the Turkey-World Trade Bridge 2011 (TWTB 2011), held by the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) Oct. 24-30.

A leading business organization striving to help integrate Turkish businesses into global markets, TUSKON organized the first world trade bridge in 2009 and the second last year.

The confederation in the past brought thousands of entrepreneurs from many nations and Turkey together to discuss partnership opportunities, and these programs resulted in billions of dollars of new investment agreements. This year’s event is different from the previous one in that it will be sector specific, only targeting the food, agriculture and fast-moving consumer products segments.

TUSKON Chairman Rızanur Meral earlier told Cihan news agency this decision was made on the basis of feedback they received from past participants. Another difference in this year’s event is that the number of foreign companies is limited to 700.

Retailers, importers, catering companies and distributors in the fields of food products, agriculture and livestock products, fast-moving consumer products and companies engaged in all kinds of machinery for these fields will meet during the five-day event.

The official opening for the program will be held today at the İstanbul Congress Center. City tours, airport transfers and business trips to other provinces in Anatolia will be free of charge, offered by TUSKON’s affiliated business associations.

TUSKON has seven federations under its umbrella and 165 business associations in every province of Turkey. A total of 35,000 Turkish businesspeople and more than 100,000 companies are members of TUSKON. In this respect, TUSKON is the largest and most widespread business association in Turkey.

More than 3,200 businesspeople from the 48 least developed countries (LDCs) and Turkey gathered at a trade fair organized by TUSKON on the sidelines of the Fourth United Nations Conference on the LDCs (LDC-IV) in İstanbul in May of this year.

The second trade bridge saw trade agreements worth $7 billion signed. This year’s event marks the 17th trade bridge summit TUSKON has organized since it was founded in 2005.

In anticipation of helping Turkish businesspeople to find the best partners in all parts of the world, the confederation has organized almost 200 business and investment events in Turkey and abroad in the past five years.

The confederation also triggered the start of a new era in commercial relations with such regions as Africa and the Americas, which have been neglected by Turkish governments and business circles in the past. The confederation also works in close cooperation with Turkish state institutions, leading initiatives for a number of civil society programs inside Turkey, thanks to its widespread business circle network.


24 October 2011 Monday