Aselsan showcases advanced land radar

Aselsan ACAR land surveillance radar at IDEF 2011, Istanbul.

One of the newest marvels of Turkey’s rapidly growing defence industry as demonstrated at the IDEF 2011 in Istanbul was Aselsan’s ACAR Land Surveillance Radar.

Built on the foundations of battle-proven and widely used (deployed over various terrain profiles in several countries) land radar system ARS-2000, ACAR features the accumulation of the most cutting-edge radar technologies and the latest detection and tracking algorithms of the past decade.

ACAR is capable of operating continuously day or night, and under adverse weather conditions, against both land and sea surface targets, as well as low flying aircraft. Automatic identification and classification of targets come standard as was the case with ARS-2000, except the effective detection range has been increased to 40 kilometers (25 miles). Kudos to its high resolution scan capabilities and a larger sensor, ACAR can identify and track a walking human being from a whopping 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) away.

Another advancement over the ARS-2000 is its new true LPI (low probability of intercept) feature, making it extremely difficult for detection by enemy ELINT/SIGINT and ECM units.

Flexible architecture allows the radar to be deployed by infantry ’as is’ over a standard tripod, on an elevated surveillance pole or any type of land or naval vehicle, such as Otokar’s popular Cobra IFV.

Aselsan hopes ACAR will be as highly sought after as the ARS-2000, again going beyond supplying the Turkish Armed Forces and exporting it to the far reaches of the world.

Hasan Y. Karaahmet – TR Defence