Azerbaijan, Turkey to jointly produce anti-tank missiles

Roketsan displays UMTAS anti-tank missile and Cirit laser-guided missile launchers at the IDEF international defence industry fair in Istanbul.

Baysak said a number of countries, including Azerbaijan take interest in these missiles projected by the Turkish engineers. Azerbaijan is also interested in the joint production of these missiles.

“We finished the work on the project of long-range anti-tank missile system UMTAS and begin its tests. UMTAS is launched from the helicopters and can strike all ground targets, including tanks. This is ROKETSAN’s national product and no foreign technologies were used in this project”, said Baysak.

The company is planning to begin serial production of UMTAS after the tests finish in 2012. The system of maximum 4-km range can be installed on tripod or vehicles. It will be used against the most armored vehicles.

UMTAS missiles have 160-mm caliber, above 37.5 kg weight, 1750-mm length and can effectively reach targets in 8 km.