Bayar: Altay MBT will not include foreign parts

Turkey's "Altay" main battle tank being shown to visitors at the IDEF'11 in Istanbul.

Turkey’s first national tank, Altay, which is on display at IDEF’11 – an international defense industry fair in Istanbul, will not include any foreign parts or products, a senior Turkish official said on Wednesday.

Head of Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defense Industry Murad Bayar said that Altay tanks would be produced fully by national means.

Bayar made his remarks at a signing ceremony between his Undersecretariat and Aselsan, a Turkish defense industry company, which will build electronic systems for the tank project.

Under the deal, Aselsan will produce IFF (identification friend-or-foe) systems for Altay tanks.

The project to build Turkey’s first national main battle tank Altay is carried out by Otokar, a Koc Holding company.

Otokar has completed the concept design of the tank and plans to start works on detail designing which will be followed by production of mockups and tests.

Otokar officials say Altay tanks would be ready for sale by 2016.