Defense Collaboration

For industrial collaboration opportunities with Turkish defense companies and professionals, follow these pages:

  • International Events
    You can meet your future partners in one of the international events listed in this page. If the event is tagged with “SSM”, this means that Major Turkish Defense Industry companies will be there, under the auspices of Undersecretariat of Defense Industry, Turkish Ministry of National Defense.
  • Events In Turkey
    You can also meet your future partners or defense professional, in one of the events listed in this page. All these events will be held in Turkey. So take the chance to schedule other meetings with industry and government institutions.
  • Turkish Defense Companies – SASAD Members
    In this page you can find a list and business areas of member companies of SASAD (Defense Industry Manufacturers Association).
  • Turkish Defense Companies – OSSA Members
    OSSA is a cluster of defense parts and materiel supplier SME’s, located in Ankara.
  • Defense Community
    Join our Defense Community on LinkedIn