NASA Cost Estimating Handbook

This handbook provides useful information on cost estimating for the entire NASA Cost Estimating Community. It is to be both informative for the new NASA cost estimator and a good reference document for the experienced NASA cost estimator. Based on the extensive feedback from the NASA Cost Estimating Community, the 2008 edition of the handbook has been streamlined to make references easy to find, simplified to make new initiatives easy to understand, and clarified to communicate key policy messages efficiently. This handbook’s information provides NASA-relevant perspectives and NASA-centric data useful in the NASA environment and facilitates the development of reliable, comprehensive, defensible, and welldocumented cost estimates.

The 2008 CEH is separated into the following distinct volumes:
• Volume 1: Cost Estimating
• Volume 2: Cost Risk
• Volume 3: Economic & Supporting Analysis
• Volume 4: NASA Cost Estimator Career Development Guide
• Volume 5: Knowledge Management
• Volume 6: Reference

Click here ro download file: NASA-Cost-Handbook-2008.pdf (4,2M)

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