Project management success factors

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) project management standard is a description of the characteristics of good project management practice.

The standard is made up of 29 success factors. These describe good project management as expected outcomes, independent of processes or tools.

The standard addresses the core aspects of project management. It does not directly address other, equally important, specialist aspects such as technical management, safety management, sustainability and commercial management.

The project management standard can be used throughout the project lifecycle from identification to closure.

The standard is organised into the Office of Government Commerce’s (OGC’s) seven Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model® (P3M3) perspectives:

  • Management control: The internal controls of the initiative (portfolio, programme or project), which ensure its direction of travel is maintained through the lifecycle. Management control includes factors relating to leadership, scope, stages/tranches and review processes.
  • Benefits management: The processes and activities that ensure the desired benefits of the initiative have been defined, are measurable, and are realised.
  • Stakeholder engagement (or stakeholder management, both are used): The processes and activities to identify and engage stakeholders, to ensure mutual understanding and effective decision making.
  • Organisational governance: The controls applied from outside the initiative, to ensure its alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives and compliance with legislative and regulatory frameworks.
  • Financial management: The processes and activities that ensure costs of the initiative are predicted, captured, evaluated and managed over the lifecycle.
  • Risk management: The processes and activities to understand and respond optimally to threats and opportunities that could affect the initiative.
  • Resource management: The processes and activities to optimally acquire, deploy and control all types of resources (noting that finance has its own perspective) needed to deliver the initiative.

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