TAI signs $75 mln contract with Airbus for passanger jets

Airbus A320

Turkey’s aviation giant TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) struck a major deal with the European aircraft maker Airbus, TR Defence sources reported on Wednesday.

The $75 million agreement between the companies makes TAI one of the top subcontractors to Airbus in the civilian passenger jet market.

According to the contract, TAI will manufacture the majority of the aft section and other components for Airbus’ single-hallway airplanes A319, A320 and A321.

Currently, TAI actively markets its civilian aircraft manufacturing capabilities and is seeking an industry partner for development of a regional jet. The company’s military production center has attract worldwide interest with its Anka long-endurance AUV and Hurkus basic trainer aircraft. TAI will also be producing an improved Turkish version of Italy’s A129 Mangusta attack helicopter for the Turkish Land Forces command.

TR Defence