TAI to produce parts worth $1 billion for Bombardier

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has signed a major partnership deal with the well-known Canadian plane maker Bombardier, Turkish aviation news outlet Airnews Times reported on Tuesday.

According to the agreement, TAI will produce complex moving parts and wing components for Bombardier’s next-generation commercial (C) series of passanger aircraft. TAI will manufacture over 800 wing systems until the project is planned to end in 2029.

Bombardier is rated as the world’s 3rd largest aviation company and has thus far focused on production of widely popular business jets and smaller, regional passanger airplanes. The company is pushing the C-series with up to 150 seats in order to appeal to airliners that demand longer flight ranges and a higher number of seats.

German airliner Lufthansa has already signed an agreement with Bombardier for 50 C-series of jets. Delivery of these planes will start in 2013.

According to Turkish sources, TAI has asked its industrial subcontractors to ready their assembly lines to commence production of their respective work loads by the end of May.