Three killed as storms hit southern, western Turkey

Three people were killed by flash floods and storms in southern and western Turkey today.

Six people were reported missing after flooding struck the Haskızılören village in Antalya’s Serik district yesterday.


Ayşe Beşbaş, who were among the missing, was found dead today while the search for Hasan Bulut, Hulusi Kutlu, Fatma Kutlu, Süleyman Çelik and Meryem Çelik continued.

Flooding also struck the southwestern Denizli province. Sixty-year-old Sıdıka Gümüş died after being draggged away by flood waters in Karabayır village today.

Four buildings collapsed in the western province of Manisa, which was hit by a storm. One person was reported dead.

Helicopters drop supplies

In Antalya, three bridges collapsed, severing the connection to numerous villages.

Helicopters belonging from the Gebiz district’s Forestry Directorate took off carrying supplies to stranded villagers.

The provincial agriculture officer in Antalya said there was extensive damage to cotton fields and citrus orchards but the total extent of the damage was yet to be seen.

Monday, October 10, 2011