Turkey’s Kurdish party continues civil disobedience campaign

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), which began a campaign of civil disobedience last week, held a sit-in at Taksim Gezi Park around a small tent they had put up.

The group chanted pro-Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) slogans in the second day of this protest, which began on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the group read out a press statement announcing that PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan will soon be publishing a new book. They called on BDP supporters to get a copy of it when it comes out, claiming that the roadmap presented in the book would serve as a guide to solving Turkey’s problems.

Last week, the BDP organized sit-ins in Batman and Diyarbakır during which dozens of demonstrators, including some BDP members, were detained.

There was no clash between the protestors and the police in İstanbul, although security around the Taksim area was tight due to the protest.