Turkey to Host D-8 Industry Ministers’ Summit

Istanbul city will host the 2nd Industry Ministers’ Summit of D-8 (Developing Eight) countries between October 4 and 6.





Participants will discuss cooperation to produce automotive through joint research & development projects, sharing experiences in environment issue, setting common policies in environment issue, energy supply, food certification, joint research & development on electricity and information technologies, and projects on petrochemical area.
Turkish Science, Industry & Technology Minister Nihat Ergun told A.A on Saturday that the first of the summit took place in Iran two years ago, and they had decided to hold the second meeting in Turkey.
The second meeting, which would take place in Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, would be more comprehensive than the first one, said Ergun, adding that businessmen delegations from D-8 member states would attend the summit.
Ergun said that the population of D-8 countries was nearly one billion, adding that there was a large market, but they could not set up a sound cooperation since D-8 had been founded.
We target to increase the trade volume among D-8 countries to 100 billion USD within the next five years, said Ergun.
D-8 was established in 1997 upon invitation of Turkey and participation of Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria.
All of the D-8 member states are also the members of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation.


Saturday, 24 September 2011