Turkey to treat the injured in Libya

Turkey’s State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek said on Sunday that Turkey was not watching the developments in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia “as if it was watching a match.”

Cicek said the United Nations (UN) should carry out its resolution regarding Libya on a certain legal discipline, and its best way seemed to be NATO.

“Since decisions are made by a compromise in NATO, an action plan or a decision –which is not adopted by Turkey or to which Turkey does not consent or contribute– cannot be adopted,” Cicek told a televised interview.

Cicek said Turkey was the only country that had contact with both Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi and opposition, and it was the only country that had representation in both Benghazi and Tripoli.

“So, everybody has to see Turkey’s power,” he said.

Cicek also said a Turkish boat had been turned into a hospital, and would evacuate 450-500 injured people from Libya and brought them to Turkey to be treated in the Aegean province of Izmir and its vicinity.