Turkish commandos pursue terrorists in northern Iraq

Turkish commandos crossed the border into northern Iraq in pursuit of terrorists from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Wednesday after the the terrorists killed 26 Turkish soldiers in attacks in southeast Turkey, military sources in the region told Reuters.

They said there were intermittent clashes between the troops, who advanced some 3-4 km into Iraqi territory, and the PKK terrorists in the border area near Çukurca in Hakkari province.

Recently, Turkey’s Parliament passed a bill extending permission, as it has done several times since 2007, for the Turkish military to mount cross-border operations against members of the PKK in northern Iraq during the coming year. Turkish air and artillery operations against suspected PKK members in the Kandil Mountains have intensified since August. The strikes were ordered after a break of more than a year in retaliation for an increase in PKK attacks on security forces inside Turkey.



19 October 2011, Wednesday / REUTERS, İSTANBUL