Turkish military considers U.S. heavy lift helicopters

CH-47 Chinook

Turkey is considering buying six Boeing-made CH-47 heavy lift military  transport helicopters.

If the contract is signed, it could be worth more than $300 million, a  Turkish Ministry of Defense senior procurement official said, speaking on  condition of anonymity.

The procurement official said: “Now the contract talks almost have come to an  end and are expected to be concluded very soon. The total price is expected to  be over $300 million. After the helicopters begin to arrive, we plan to make  some modifications on them according to suit our specific needs.”

The Turkish military has heavily relied on its helicopter assets in its  long-running struggle against separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party militants, who  are situated in the country’s mountainous eastern regions as well as northern  Kurdistan, from where they frequently launch incursions into eastern Turkey,  Hurriyet newspaper reported Monday.

If the contract is finalized, then the six Boeing CH-47F Chinooks will become  the first heavy lift helicopters in the Turkish military’s inventory, with  expected delivery to begin in 2013.