U.S. president honors Turkish scientist with award

Ninety-four researchers, including Ozcan, were granted this year’s awards.

U.S. President Barack Obama honored on Monday a Turkish scientist with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.

Associate Professor Aydogan Ozcan of the University of California (UCLA) who is currently leading the Bio- and Nano-Photonics Laboratory at the Electrical Engineering Department was one of the recipients of the award.

The awards, established by former President Bill Clinton in 1996, are coordinated by the Office of Science and Technology Policy within the Executive Office of the President. Awardees are selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and their commitment to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education, or community outreach.

Ninety-four researchers, including Ozcan, were granted this year’s awards.

Ozcan received the award for his contributions to development of innovative optic technologies and handling of health needs of people in underdeveloped countries, and his support and guidance to minority students who are getting insufficient service, and his optic science services.

The Presidential early career awards embody the high priority the Obama Administration places on producing outstanding scientists and engineers to advance the Nation’s goals, tackle grand challenges, and contribute to the American economy.

Sixteen Federal departments and agencies join together annually to nominate the most meritorious scientists and engineers whose early accomplishments show the greatest promise for assuring America’s preeminence in science and engineering and contributing to the awarding agencies’ missions.

Speaking to AA correspondent, Aydogan Ozcan said he was pleased to receive that award and he got awards from the U.S. federal government with his recent projects at his research group at UCLA.

Aydogan Ozcan received his Ph.D. degree at Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department in 2005. After a short post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University, he is appointed as a Research Faculty Member at Harvard Medical School, Wellman Center for Photomedicine in 2006. Dr. Ozcan joined UCLA in the summer of 2007, where he is currently an Associate Professor leading the Bio- and Nano-Photonics Laboratory at the Electrical Engineering Department.

Dr. Ozcan holds 17 issued patents and another 12 pending patent applications for his inventions in nanoscopy, wide-field imaging, lensless imaging, nonlinear optics, fiber optics, and optical coherence tomography. Dr. Ozcan is also the author of one book and the co-author of more than 150 peer reviewed research articles in major scientific journals and conferences.

Prof. Ozcan was also selected as one of the top 10 innovators by the U.S. Department of State, USAID, NASA, and NIKE, Inc. as part of the LAUNCH: Health Forum organized in October 2010. Dr. Ozcan is a Senior Member of IEEE, and a member of LEOS, EMBS, OSA, SPIE and BMES.



27 September 2011 Tuesday